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First Steps

One of the greatest accomplishments made in life is that of taking the first step. Parents cheer watching their baby taking its wobbly first steps forward. We celebrate the first step of sobriety, forgiveness, the change of a career, a degree, the list goes on. One of the greatest steps taken is along the journey to healing. This step can change the course of one’s life from victim to victor, from oppressed to overcomer.

Overcoming the Odds

Haven Shepherd diving into a swimming pool

For Haven Shepherd, 2018 Beautifully Flawed retreat attendee, living life as an amputee is all she’s ever known — but that hasn’t stopped her by any means. It’s a life she’s embraced to the full, a life of looking challenge straight in the eye and saying “game on,” a life of overcoming odds, inspiring young people, and accomplishing world-renowned achievements, all with an unwavering trust and faith in God.

Coming Full Circle

Andrea Zavala with Bethany Hamilton

We have a saying at Beautifully Flawed — it’s the filler we see between a prayer and a miracle, just as God changes the page from tragedy to triumph — and it is “But God.” “But God” moments follow a time of despair or crisis, signifying a pivotal change brought about by divine intervention. They reveal God’s ultimate authority and transformative power in seemingly impossible situations. When we feel hopeless, He is still writing our story.

Beauty from Ashes

Carley and Bethany Hamilton showing off their stumps

Much has transpired in Carley Shoesmith’s life since she stepped out of the van in Del Mar, CA to attend her very first Beautifully Flawed retreat in 2013 — the inaugural retreat for the foundation. Her story hasn’t been easy by any means, yet, it’s one filled with hope, a story of how God took chapters of pain, disappointment, and loss and used it for good, turned it into purpose.

The Power of a Care Package

When our team receives a Friends of Bethany Care Package request, we do everything within our power to have a quick turnaround because we know how vital it is in the midst of a traumatic limb loss to have a support system.

Don’t Let Your Heart Become Tarnished

Forge retreat attendee surfing

April is Limb Loss Awareness Month! Based on a recent study, there are more than 5.6 million people living with limb loss and limb difference in the United States. Of that ~5.6 million, there are ~2.3 million people with limb loss and ~3.4 million people who were born with their limb difference. And every year, […]

2024 Retreat Applications Now Open!

UPDATE 5/30/24: Retreat application deadline has been extended! The new deadline is Friday, June 7th, 2024. Applicants will be notified of their application status by June 24th, 2024. We are excited to announce that our applications for our October Beautifully Flawed Women’s Retreat (BFR) Forge Men’s Retreat for those with limb difference are now open! This year, the […]

WATCH: Our 2023 Beautifully Flawed Retreat Highlight Video

Words can’t even begin to describe all that God did at the 2023 Beautifully Flawed Retreat in Del Mar! We witnessed a total of 21 young women with limb difference come from all across the country and God do the impossible! We saw fears conquered and courage take flight as attendees got into the ocean […]

God Is Still Near

Christmas Tree on Beach

One of my most fond Christmas memories isn’t with extravagant gifts, or where everything looked like a Hallmark movie. Christmas in our home growing up was very simple. My mom was a single mom of five kids, and money was always tight. My father did not contribute to the financial side of things because his […]

Strengthened Faith – Testimonies from Our 2023 Retreats

Forge Retreat 2023 Del Mar, CA

There’s power in a testimony. It’s a beacon of hope. It’s the catalyst for breakthrough, a moment of true human connection, an opened door to awe and wonder, and the springboard to overcome. It’s the whisper of faith that says, “If He could do it for them, He can do it for me too.” At […]