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We know the power a story has to change a life.

We talk a lot about stories at Beautifully Flawed Foundation. It is often because we know the power a story has to change a life. Maybe it’s a story heard that inspires hope in a time that feels bleak, or a story told that brings purpose to a suffering that otherwise might seem senseless. We have had the privilege of helping many find the words to tell their story and truly find purpose and healing in doing so.

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Beautifully Flawed RetreatThe Forge Retreat

First Steps

One of the greatest accomplishments made in life is that of taking the first step. Parents cheer watching their baby taking its wobbly first steps ...
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Haven Shepherd diving into a swimming pool
#LLAMBeautifully Flawed RetreatStories of Hope

Overcoming the Odds

For Haven Shepherd, 2018 Beautifully Flawed retreat attendee, living life as an amputee is all she’s ever known — but that hasn't stopped her by ...
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Andrea Zavala with Bethany Hamilton
#LLAMBeautifully Flawed RetreatStories of Hope

Coming Full Circle

We have a saying at Beautifully Flawed — it’s the filler we see between a prayer and a miracle, just as God changes the page ...
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Josh Reed wakesurfing
#LLAMStories of HopeThe Forge Retreat

From Attendee to Leader

No one wishes to walk through fire. No one dreams of journeying through the difficulties. It goes against everything in our human nature that desires ...
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Carley and Bethany Hamilton showing off their stumps
#LLAMBeautifully Flawed RetreatStories of Hope

Beauty from Ashes

Much has transpired in Carley Shoesmith’s life since she stepped out of the van in Del Mar, CA to attend her very first Beautifully Flawed ...
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#LLAMBeautifully Flawed RetreatStories of Hope

The Power of a Care Package

When our team receives a Friends of Bethany Care Package request, we do everything within our power to have a quick turnaround because we know ...
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Ira Rich surfing
#LLAMStories of HopeThe Forge Retreat

As Iron Sharpens Iron

So often, it’s the people that have gone before us that pave the way for our victory. It’s those who have fought for their breakthrough, ...
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Forge retreat attendee surfing
#LLAMBeautifully Flawed RetreatThe Forge Retreat

Don’t Let Your Heart Become Tarnished

April is Limb Loss Awareness Month! Based on a recent study, there are more than ...
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Eternal Hope – An Easter Message

Oh the Wonderful cross — the cost that was paid, and the hope it brings. ...
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