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Care Packages

A first response outreach to individuals impacted by shark incident or traumatic amputation.

We send a personalized care package based on their age, gender, and limb difference to encourage its recipient to keep moving forward. We reach out with care and compassion, sending or hand delivering encouragement packages to bring hope to overcome. The Beautifully Flawed Foundation has sent more than 100 care packages to those who have faced traumatic limb loss.

One of the things that truly helped Bethany in her healing process was the outpouring of love she received worldwide from those who took the time to write her a note of encouragement while she was recovering. Thousands of letters came in the mail, and with each one there was encouragement to keep moving forward.

We often have family members and friends of those who have faced a traumatic limb loss asking for help. In response, we immediately put together a box of special goodies, along with a letter of encouragement and send it priority to those individuals so they can receive it within a couple days of the trauma. When possible, we even sometimes get to hand deliver those packages while they are still in the hospital.

Do you know of someone who recently lost a limb? Please complete the form below to send a Friends of Bethany care package!

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