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I loved going to Church Camp when I was growing up. The activities, making new friends, pranks, learning more about God’s love; the overall experience was always life-changing. That’s why one of the best times I had this past year was participating in the Beautifully Flawed Foundation’s men’s retreat, The Forge. The campfires, axe throwing, self-defense, mouth-watering food, and incredible relationships formed, are just a few reasons why we all left the retreat (or “grown-up” camp) with a fresh outlook on life.

You may be thinking, ‘Okay, Adam, how is ax-throwing going to change my life?’ Well let me tell you about The Forge and you might understand why!

The Forge was created as a “brother” amputee retreat to the Beautifully Flawed Retreat that we’ve been doing for young women amputees for the past eight years.  Year after year, we saw these women coming in with their insecurities and leaving the retreat with their lives changed!

It was apparent and on our hearts that we needed to get a men’s retreat started. There are virtually no programs out there that cater to limb-different men that are faith-based, empowering, experience-driven, and that are created with the intention of equipping these men with physical, emotional, and mental tools to overcome adversity in their lives.  The Forge goes above and beyond, from the group sessions talking about our self-worth, identity, and the obstacles in life; to the sessions of instructional body-care that alleviate pain, and much more. The action-packed activities are there to create fun memories, laughter that breaks down walls, and ultimately bring opportunities for amazing growth and friendship.

So yeah, I may not be able to attend Church Camp anymore, but The Forge is such a blessing to be a part of as a leader and see God working in everyone’s lives. I encourage you, as we are around our families and friends for Christmas and New Year, to be intentional with those relationships as well. Go out of your way to create a fun experience, connect, talk, and grow together!

God bless and take care,
Adam Dirks
Vice Chair
Beautifully Flawed Foundation

Mahalo to Our Sponsors

Thank you to the following corporate sponsors who have already made direct contributions towards our upcoming retreat! We couldn’t do this without the support of:

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